Irish Window
Irish Sights and Sounds in Ireland and San Diego
Through an Irish Window


I went to Ireland for the first time in August of 2004.  There I had the joy and the privilege of listening to top traditional Irish musicians in counties Clare and Galway and Donegal, in the Northern Irish city of Derry, and on the remote island of Tory off the north coast of Donegal.

When I came back, I took up learning traditional Irish flute and whistle, a pursuit that has taught me far more than I ever could have imagined.

This web site is a celebration of these journeys and the hope of future ones; the music I discovered in Ireland; and the circles of great people here in San Diego who play the music in the traditional spirit and style, teach it to others, and carry it forward into the future.

See the Learning the Music page for recordings of tunes and listings of local seisiuns, teachers, performing musicians, and pubs where traditional Irish music seisiuns take place.